I Didn’t Make Room

As I sit here looking around my living room, I realize that I didn’t put up the Nativity scene this year.

I think this is the first time in my life that I haven’t cherished the job of putting it together – imagining what it was really like on that night – smelling the hay and the animals – thinking of the sounds that were filling the air – wondering what in the world was going through Mary and Joseph’s minds.

This year, however, I didn’t make room.

It was a conscious decision.

As I brought up each container from the basement, I found room for what was inside. It wasn’t until I was physically tired and mentally bored with it all that I noticed I hadn’t gotten to the box with the Nativity scene.

I did a quick glance around and decided that there really wasn’t any room for it.

And just like that…

I was one of the many who told Mary and Joseph that there wasn’t any room for them.

And just like that…

I decided that poinsettias and candles were more important than the whole reason for this season.

And just like that…

I moved on and made room for everything else.

It wasn’t until this very moment, as I sit here in the quietness of the morning, that I remembered.

I remembered that I didn’t make room.

God knew all along, didn’t He?

He knew I would lose my focus. He knew I would disengage.

He knew I wouldn’t make room.

Which is exactly why He sent His Son to be born here in this world.

A world that would not make room for Him.

He loves me that much.

He loves me enough to wait on me to make room.

(December 24, 2017)

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