Here we are, 1 ½ weeks into the new year!

Did you start the year off sailing on smooth waters or did the new year bring a storm to you?

Are you feeling good about your path so far or are you already saying “Sweet mother of pearl, here we go again!”

Last month I wrote down this statement – Fruit is always consistent with its source.

In Scripture (John 15), Jesus tells us that He is the vine and we are the branches.

A branch bears the fruit of its vine, its source.

This leads me to believe that when I am attached to Jesus, I will bear good fruit and when I attach myself to other things (money, power, ego, stress, Satan’s lies), I will bear rotten fruit.

Have you ever felt like you are attached to Jesus’ vine but just can’t pop out a piece of fruit to save your life?!

My wise friend, Vikki, made an incredibly profound statement the other day. She said, “Winter is still and deep, but not dead.”

Let that sink in…

There are times in our lives when we are attached to Jesus but we don’t see the fruit of our efforts, our prayers, our crying out. That doesn’t mean the fruit isn’t being made.

When our life season is Winter, it is a time of internal metamorphosis so that when the time is right, the fruit is ready to bloom.

I am learning that Stillness is a part of this metamorphosis.

Fruit can’t grow on a shaky branch.

Wouldn’t that be an interesting research project?!

Take two lime trees – one that is planted in a pot of solid, fertilized soil and the other is in the same type of soil but its pot is constantly shaking. Would the fruit production be any different? Hmmmmmm…

Regardless, I know that the fruit of my thoughts and actions are better when I allow myself to be attached to the still and solid Vine.

Take time today to reflect on what vine you are attached to and what fruit you are bearing.

<>< KC

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