Here we are, 1 ½ weeks into the new year! Did you start the year off sailing on smooth waters or did the new year bring a storm to you? Are you feeling good about your path so far or are you already saying “Sweet mother of pearl, here we go again!” Last month I …

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A couple of weeks ago, I was bouncing around my kitchen getting ready for the day. I was reflecting on the word that God had given me for 2019 – TRANSFORM. I thought of how I was so annoyed by it at first because it wasn’t the word I would have chosen. I thought of …

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I am sure you have heard it said that what you think about, you bring about. But do you know that what surrounds you every day has a direct correlation to what you think about? Stop where you are right now and look around you. This is an environment that you have allowed to be …

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