To reach the peak, you have to climb.

In order to climb,

you have to take the first step.

To take the first step,

you must believe you can.

- Karen Camp - 


Why do you need a Life Coach?

Sometimes we get stuck in a mindset that doesn’t allow us to see our lives in any other way than our present situation. And when our present situation is chaotic, stressful and life-sucking, it’s hard to see that it can be any different.

That's why a life coach can help you to . . .

  • Work through what’s knocking down your confidence and coming together to build it back up.
  • Figure out how to use your talents to match your passion.
  • Help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Having someone to help you recognize and break-free from limiting beliefs to then shift your focus on God’s truth is like having the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders!

Signature Saturdays

9:30am - 10:30am

Our signature is our identity according to the world, but the world isn't who created us. God said He created us in His image and put His signature on our heart.

Come join me as I share the characteristics of God's Love and how we can see them in our own image on a day to day basis. 

These are free gatherings - donations are welcomed.
Your time and your willingness to be open to God's word are the biggest investment you will make. 
Broken and Beautiful Homestead
26610 Trophy Ln NE
Kingston, Wa 98346
  • January 20th - Love is Patient

  • February 17th - Love is Kind

  • March 16th - Love is Content

  • April 6th - Love is Humble

  • May 18th - Love Honors

  • June 15th - Love is Emotional

  • July 20th - Love Looks for the GOOOOOD

  • August 17th - Love Protects

  • September 21st - Love Trusts

  • October 19th - Love is Hopeful

  • November 23rd - Love Perseveres

  • December 21st - Love Never Fails

Small Group Coaching Series

Let's Go WILD (Next Session Coming Soon)

Join the journey of 12 WILD weeks to explore what it means to Walk In Love Daily with your Mind, your Body and your Spirit. Get individual coaching time each week to discuss how the topics relate and affect your life. Be a part of the small group weekly gathering that will allow each of us to share what we are learning about how to go WILD.

  • Weekly Love topics that have daily applications

  • (12) 30 min individual coaching calls to discuss how the topics affect your life

  • (12) 1 hour small group gatherings to allow sharing of how to go WILD

  • Encouragement and tips for a healthy mind, body and spirit


1 on 1 Coaching Packages



Designed to help you build a strong and steady base for what you are wanting to accomplish.

  • four 60-minute sessions

  • one month commitment

  • cultivate growth



Designed to help you take that base and build upward, putting reality to your dreams.

  • six 60-minute sessions

  • three month commitment

  • take action steps



Designed to help you put the finishing touches on your confidence and actions that support your passion and purpose.

  • eight 60-minute sessions

  • four to eight month commitment

  • create lasting change

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