Team Building for Teens

"It takes more than talent to be a team player." - Karen Camp


Why Athletic Teams Need Team Building

Coming together as a team to learn how each athlete sees themselves is powerful. Together, they bring their individual personalities, their sense of belonging and their personal struggles. 

Through the workshops, The Link and Greatness, I help athletes gain personal development skills and bring the team together as an unstoppable unit.

As an athlete for many years, I have learned that it takes more than talent to be a team player. This is why I have such a passion to bring these workshops to your team!



The Link

When you are part of a team, you are a link in that team’s chain. Are you the weakest link, the strongest link or somewhere in between? This workshop helps each player know more about themselves and the teammates they are linked together with in order to give them the confidence to play to the best of their ability. When a team finds their purpose and passion together, their chain is unbreakable. 


2 hours / $20 per person (minimum $200)


If we are all predestined for greatness, why are we all not great? This workshop helps players understand that every choice we make points us in a new direction and every direction has its own outcome. Come learn how to be intentional with your choices so you can get the outcome you want for your team and in life.


3 hours / $30 per person (minimum $300)

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