Kettlebell Moments

Ever have one of those “kettlebell moments”? The kettlebell swing is one of the few movements where the path of the weight moves away from your body. This requires you to have a strong foundation and creates tension in your core. Without a set stance and an engaged core, the weight of the kettlebell will […]

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God’s Grace

I cannot believe it has been 2 years since I posted a blog on here!! It is certainly not for the lack of anything worth writing. More so the ability to focus on the words to share. The last blog talked about mana and God’s provision. As I look back over the past 2 years,

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It’s Manna, Baby!

I have the most fun story to share with you! If you have followed my posts on Facebook then you have come along side me during this season of selling our house here in Georgia and buying property up in the Pacific Northwest. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, go to

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This is the Day

This is the day the Lord has made and something GOOOOOD is going to happen to me!

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