Motion vs Action

Last year, right around this time, Phil and I went and spent the weekend in Asheville,. It was quite “refreshing” outside (that’s my families code word for really cold – when the kids would complain that it was cold in the house, I would tell them that it’s not cold, it is refreshing!)

We were walking through the streets, looking at the all the cute little shops, eating bagel sandwiches and drinking amazing coffee.

I had bundled up with my favorite scarf that I had knitted years ago. It’s a super long scarf that comes down to my knees and has stripes with all my favorite colors.

My stomach was full, my body was warm and my heart was happy.

While walking off the carb coma, we passed a homeless man who was sitting on a street bench. I don’t remember if he had a sign or a collection cup. What I do remember was that he had multiple scarfs wrapped around his neck.

As we walked passed him, he and I made eye contact and we smiled at each other. He said “I like your scarf!” and I awkwardly said “Thank you”.

Phil and I kept walking, neither of us saying a word.

In my head, I was hearing God suggest that I go back and give the man my scarf.

With each step, I was doing my best to shake it off – there is no way He would ask me to give up this treasure of mine. It took me forever to knit this warm hug that was wrapped around me!

There is a piece of every wrestling match, soccer game and softball tournament woven into it. It has been my pillow on bleachers and my blanket on road trips. Every time I put it on, I put it to my face and take a deep breath. It just smells like memories and it makes me smile.

I stopped walking.

Phil looked at me and said, “We are going back to give him the scarf, aren’t we?” I couldn’t even talk. I just nodded my head.

By the time we got back to the man, I had tears in my eyes.

I unwrapped the scarf from around my neck and put it around his. The man was grinning from ear to ear! He quickly took one of his scarves off his neck and put it around mine. We both said thank you to each other and I turned to walk back down the sidewalk.

Again, there was no talking.

When we had walked far enough to where we couldn’t see the scarf man anymore, I immediately took his scarf off.


It couldn’t have been more opposite than the one that meant the world to me – it was short, scratchy, a horrible yellow color and it smelled awful!

Not gonna lie, I cried for me.

When we got home, I washed the scarf and put it in our winter accessory bag. I couldn’t get myself to throw it out because I knew there was a treasure to be found in it.

A few weeks ago I pulled out my scarves, hats and gloves bag (mine is separate from the winter accessory bag mentioned above).

I dug and dug and tossed things aside looking for my scarf. I freaked out for moment trying to figure out what I would have done with it.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks – Asheville, the carb coma, warm body, happy heart, the man, the scarf, the exchange.

I immediately prayed for him, the scarf man. Where was he this cold morning? I sat on my closet floor and looked around at all the ridiculous blessings I have to keep me warm and thanked God for each of them and asked Him to bless those who aren’t as fortunate.

Why in the world did I tell you all of this?!

Because there is a difference between going through the motions and taking action.

Going through the motions would be remembering to pray for scarf man and all the homeless people.

That is nice and important, but it doesn’t fulfill the act of sacrifice, love and compassion that I am capable of.

God has given to me, not to keep for myself, but to share with others.

So, I am putting motion into action and gathering scarves from anyone who wants to donate!

This Is The Day will have 2 drop off locations:

CrossFit Canton – 857 Hickory Flat Hwy Canton, Ga 30115

This Is The Day – 1014 Smithwyck Dr Canton, Ga 30115

I will be collecting scarves between now and December 15th, 2019.

Wouldn’t it be cool (or should I say warm?!) to collect 100 scarves?!!!

Who’s getting in on the ACTION?!

****OMG – listen to this! Earlier this week I contacted a guy who I know helps the homeless here in town and set it up that his church would be our distribution destination. Guess what I literally just this very moment realized?…

The name of his church is ACTION CHURCH!!!!

(The picture above was the last picture with my scarf)

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