Memories vs Stuff

I will never say that I have all the answers, in fact, I am not sure I have very many answers at all. Today’s topic is one that I need YOUR help on! I made a post on Tuesday that had the quote “Memories and stuff are not the same.” As I am going through […]

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Homeo WHAT??!!

Today I want to talk with you about a word called Homeostasis. You may say “Homeo WHAT?” and I am going to say “Homeostasis!” The word is derived from the Greek word (hello My Big Fat Greek Wedding lovers!!) homoios, which means same, like or stable. What it is referring to from a physical standpoint

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The False Promise

A few weeks back, we had visitors at my gym. I asked each member in class to share with the new folks how long they had been a member here. Some were 6 months, some were 1 ½ years, and some were 2 years or longer. What I watch happen was as people would say

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