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Last week’s BLOG touched on the affect that Isolation can have on our 5 Emotional Needs. There was such wonderful feedback and interest in knowing more on this topic that I am starting a 6 week series that will dive head first into it all.

What’s so cool is that regardless of where you are coming from – you may be single and trying to figure out how to fill your emotional needs; or married or in a relationship and trying to understand why you don’t feel these needs are being met; you may be a parent who wants to look at this through the eyes of their child to better understand them or you may be a teenager who is struggling to find a way to be happy – this series is going to be great for YOU!

Let’s start off by talking about Beliefs in general.

In order to believe something, 3 things need to be present:

  1. You must understand what you are being asked to believe.
  2. You must agree with what you are being asked to believe.
  3. You must act upon what you are being asked to believe.

All 3 of these things need to be present in order for you to wholeheartedly believe something.

We are really good at getting 2 of the 3 things.

For example, when the doctor says that in order to lose weight, control your blood pressure and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, most of us understand the benefits of working out consistently. Most of us would even agree that we feel measurably better when we work out consistently. But when it comes to actually working out 4-5 times a week, many fall short. Our actions tell us that there is something we either do not agree with or do not fully understand and therefore, we don’t believe it.

Here is another example, let’s say you are told that if you get up and hour earlier, you would have less stress going into your day. You understand that it will give you more time to eat breakfast and have a moment for yourself, and you actually do it for a week. But by the end of the week, you are angry and stressed out because you didn’t ever agree that it was right for you. You don’t believe it.

A Belief doesn’t mean it is a truth. We see this when we talk about Limiting Beliefs.

A Limiting Belief is a lie that we have chosen to accept as the truth about ourselves. They do not help us move forward or feel good about ourselves.

Knowing the difference between a Limiting Belief and an Empowering Belief is hugely important!

As we go through these next 5 weeks, I will expose the Limiting Beliefs that we have attached to our 5 Emotional Needs.

How will you know if you believe the lie?

You will hear it and feel it.

I look forward to going through this series with you!

Next week we will talk about the first Emotional Need – Unconditional Love

<>< KC

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