Confidence vs Humbleness

My daughter came to me the other day and asked if it is possible to be confident and humble at the same time. I thought that was such beautiful question. What a great thing to be contemplating, right?!

How would you answer that question?

In my opinion, confidence comes from loving who you are (it ALWAYS comes back to being able to love yourself) because when you love who you are, you know you have value and you know you have worth.

When you are not confident in yourself, you enter situations constantly thinking – “Oh my gosh, I hope they like me. Oh my gosh, I hope I can sell myself. Oh my gosh…”

But when you have a loving confidence in yourself, the funny thing is that you don’t think about yourself so much.  It allows you to put the focus on others and their needs.

That is how you come in with confident humbleness – if that is a word 😊

It is not what is in it for you, it is what is in it for them.

You can bring this to any relationship whether it is a sales appointment or a friendship.

That’s my answer to her question – what is yours?!


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