Did you hear the one about the woman who built her life in the sand?

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We can all pretty much agree that it would be foolish to build a house on shifting sand. If you have ever stood in the sand at the edge of the ocean waves, then you can literally relate to the unstableness of that choice.

But what does it look like to build your life in the sand?

Stop and take inventory of where in your life you feel unstable. Is it in your image? Is it in your capabilities? Is it in your relationships?

Knowing WHO’S you are is the beginning of a strong foundation. In Genesis 1:27, God tells us we are made in His image. So then the question revolves around “What is God’s image?”

The image of God is referring to His character – His essence.

Faithful – Patient – Light – Loving – Truth – Gracious – Compassionate – Merciful – Steadfast

In the areas you feel unstable in your life, hold them up to these characteristics and see where the conflict is. When we are living in direct conflict to our essence, there will always be that feeling of being unstable.

Choosing God to be our cornerstone allows us to align the decisions we make to a sturdy foundation.

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