Homeo WHAT??!!

Today I want to talk with you about a word called Homeostasis. You may say “Homeo WHAT?” and I am going to say “Homeostasis!”

The word is derived from the Greek word (hello My Big Fat Greek Wedding lovers!!) homoios, which means same, like or stable.

What it is referring to from a physical standpoint through science is what our bodies do to keep our physical state regulated. We know this through our temperature.

How many times have you had your temperature taken over these past few months??!!

Aren’t we all glad that the temperature taking process has evolved from what it use to be?

Anyways…what I am talking about is when our bodies get too warm or too cold, outside of our normal temperature, our bodies fight to get back to the normal temperature.

That is homeostasis!

I have worked with hundreds and thousands of people over the years on physical changes and I have come to the conclusion that homeostasis is just as much mental as it is physical.

For example when you are trying to make a change, let’s say you started a new bible study – we actually talked about this in our Let’s Go WILD series this past week, you will hit a point where you don’t want to do it anymore.

We are at the end of week 5 in the 12 week study. We are far enough in it to where the Honeymoon stage has worn off – you know, the stage where everyone is all “Yay! This is so cool! I’m gonna learn about God and how to love myself and it’s going to be fantastic!” and then 3 weeks went by and it became “Ok, that was fun but I am so ready to move on.”

This is your brain telling you that it needs to go back to normal.

This is such an important moment to recognize!! Because if you recognize it, then you can stop and make a decision. You can tell yourself that you are not going back, you are going to make this your new routine.

How many of you all hate the phrase “new normal”?

Can I tell you why you hate it? Because your homeostasis has kicked in!!!

It doesn’t matter if it is a change that you brought on or was demanded of you, your mind and body want things to go back to the way it was.

So, I am going to encourage all of us to HANG IN THERE!

If you truly want a lasting change, then you have to fight through the homeostasis to make what seems to be different, the new normal.

How about we change the wording from new normal to new homeostasis??!!