Memories vs Stuff

I will never say that I have all the answers, in fact, I am not sure I have very many answers at all. Today’s topic is one that I need YOUR help on!

I made a post on Tuesday that had the quote “Memories and stuff are not the same.”

As I am going through boxes and drawers and cabinets and closets, I am finding all sorts of STUFF – all the STUFF!

A lot of it is memory stuff and a lot of it is just stuff, but what do you do with it all?! And why do we carry it from place to place?

What does it matter?

What does my high school letterman’s jacket, with all my track medals and patches all over it, matter? Why have I kept it all these years?

26 years ago, I was in Mary Kay Cosmetics. I still have boxes of awards and plaques and letters from consultants. It has been 11 years since I left the company. Why am I keeping these things?

Things like old phones and old cameras; I have things without cords and cords without things; Mother’s Day cards, birthday cards, notes from friends…Why am I keeping all of it?!

I need help!

Please comment on this and let me know how you work through memories vs stuff.

Thank you!!!


2 thoughts on “Memories vs Stuff”

  1. Because I am the most sentimental about family heirlooms my family sends me everything. I ended up w so much stuff that I don’t think my kids will ever care about. I decided to have one trunk full of tangible articles that I thought my kids may want to use or display at some point. All of the other “stuff” I decided to take pictures of and make a printed bound book through Shutterfly. It will preserve the memory so that I can share it but not take up like 3 more trunks. We want to downsize in a couple of years and I can’t imagine moving all of this “stuff” again.

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