It’s Manna, Baby!

I have the most fun story to share with you! If you have followed my posts on Facebook then you have come along side me during this season of selling our house here in Georgia and buying property up in the Pacific Northwest.

(If you have no idea what I am talking about, go to and get yourself caught up!)

It has been the most amazing 3 months of following God’s guidance and yesterday did not disappoint! God showed me in boldness the concept of manna.

When the Israelites were wandering through the desert after being freed from captivity in Egypt, they ran out of provisions, got hungry and started complaining to Moses and God.

God was like – “No worries! I got you covered!” Each morning, God provided manna for them along with the instructions to collect as much as they needed for themselves and their family for the day. They were not to take more than they needed. If they did, then the next morning what they had saved was filled with maggots…gross!

It was a matter of trust. They had to be grateful for the daily provision and trust that God would provide again the next day.

Guess what?!

Every day, God provided for them!

So, what does this have to do with my moving story? I am glad you asked.

The last piece of the puzzle for our move was the appraisal on our house here in Georgia. We needed it to come in at the amount we sold our house for or more in order for the buyers to be able to get the loan they needed.

Can you even imagine that the appraisal come in $100 over what we needed?! Are you kidding me??!!! God gave each of us (the buyer and seller) exactly what we needed. It was a matter of trusting Him.

That is how this whole process has been – trusting God with each step along the way.

My question to you would be – what is the manna God is providing for you each day? It’s there because He promises that He will provide.

Are you looking for it and appreciating it or do you have an attitude of needing more?

Are you able to recognize God’s faithfulness and smile and say – that is exactly what I needed!?

I cannot tell you how much I cried last night just thinking about how grateful I am for all that God has provided for us. He has really been showing up…actually, God has always been here…I am actually paying attention enough to see Him in it all!

So how about you? What is the manna that God is providing you on a day to day basis?


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