Blurred Vision

If you wear contacts or glasses, this will have a bit more of an impact for you. But even if you don’t, you will “see” what I am talking about. When my oldest son, Jalen, was 10 years old, he brought a note home from school saying he needed to get his eyes checked. So …

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Stacking Memories

When you skip a stone, you make a wish. You hope for something. You take a great risk that a heavy stone will glide on water when it seems destined to sink. For that moment of stillness, you believe it is possible and with persistence, it finally skips. Something that seemed impossible starts to feel …

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My Word

So here we are again. The sun getting ready to set on one year and the beginning of another. Isn’t it a bit freaky how time moves along regardless – regardless if we are healthy or sick; regardless if we are paying attention or hiding; regardless if we are in the midst of extreme sorrow …

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