Emotional Safety

This is week 3 in the series about our 5 Emotional Needs. The goal for the series is to look at each of these needs and find out what it looks like to fulfill them with an Empowering perspective and what it looks like when we fulfill them with a Limiting Belief perspective. This week …

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Thoughts from a Hammock

Last week’s BLOG touched on the affect that Isolation can have on our 5 Emotional Needs. There was such wonderful feedback and interest in knowing more on this topic that I am starting a 6 week series that will dive head first into it all. What’s so cool is that regardless of where you are …

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This word has taken a front seat in all our lives. Understanding the significant power of this word could be the difference between life and death for some of us. When we take ourselves out of society, we take ourselves out of the environments that were feeding our emotional needs. Our mind is a battlefield …

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